Directory Listing & Classified Mobile App

The directory app has a user-friendly design that enables easy search and access to specific listings or profiles. Search results are available in both list and map formats.

Listar Mobile App
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Its highly intuitive user interface and effective features boost positive user experience.

Android & iOS



Work on multiple mobile operating systems, Android/iOS, using a single codebase with the Flutter Framework.

  • Single code base
  • Support Android, iOS
  • Use the Flutter framework by Google

Build your layouts



The mobile home screen can be easily customized with widget settings in the backend settings.

  • App Name & Icons
  • Color Schema
  • Multiple layouts

Customer feedack

Review & Rating

Review & Rating

The user can enable rating as well as a text comment. This can drive more qualified customers to your listing.

  • Review score rating
  • Owner profile rating summary
  • Text comment

Legal closing time for business

Business Hours

Business Hours

Inform your customers about your business hours in the best way possible, especially when your businesses are open and closed.

  • Customize hour/time per day
  • Status badge
  • Filter by open time

Submit your listing

Claim Listing

Claim Listing

The user who submits the listing will get approval from the administrator and manage the listings themselves.

  • Create directory listing
  • Approval listing by administrator
  • Email and Firebase push notification

Mobile booking

Booking & Payment

Booking & Payment

The feature booking on the mobile is supported with various booking methods and payment methods

  • Standard booking
  • Daily booking
  • Hourly booking
  • Slot booking
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Stripe
  • PayPal

App Screenshots

See all awesome app screenshot, it will be your if you buy it.

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Mobile Default Mobile Food
Mobile Food Mobile Food Mobile Food Mobile Food
Mobile Realestate Mobile Booking
Image Galleries Mobile Event

Getting Start

Please follow a few simple steps to finish your demo.


Here’s how you might use the flutter tool to create, and run an app.

> $ open -a Simulator Opened your simulator device! > $ flutter clean > $ flutter doctor -v > $ flutter upgrade > $ flutter pub get > $ flutter run Xcode build done!

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