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General Settings

Notification Settings


Check the “Send email notification” option to enable the email notification function. Refer Email Settings

Email Recipient(s)

These emails will be included when an email notification is sent. Please input separately by a comma if you have more than two email recipient(s). Leave it empty if you don’t need to set the default email recipient

Email Debug

It’s an option for logging the history of sent emails. The log information includes subject, content, and email receivers.

The log information depends on the WordPress debugging setting. Please refer to this article for how to define the log path saved. https://developer.wordpress.org/advanced-administration/debug/debug-wordpress/

Mobile Push

Check this option if you need to notify the user’s mobile device.

Single Device Use

Users can use more than one mobile device to access the application. This option allows the system to only send push notifications to the last user’s device access. These previous devices have used won’t get notification.

Firebase Settings

It’s a Google Firebase setting key used to send mobile push notifications. Refer Firebase Settings

Firebase Debug Token

You can input your device token here if you need to test the Google Firebase function. All functions, including sending notifications will redirect the message to your device.

Access the WordPress CMS, open your profile page → Token Push Notification, and get your token.