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Payment MethodSupport
Paypal CheckoutYes
Stripe (Credit Card)Yes
Cash On DeliveryYes
Bank TransferYes

Payment Settings

Select WordPress CMS Listar Settings Payment tab

Payment Settings


The default payment method is not functional and requires settings.

Select the option Enable (Payment Use) to use this feature on the mobile app. The web is not available.

Currency Code

  • Currency Code: It’s your country’s currency code. It’s following IOS 4217 format. Please check the Active Code table https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217
  • Currency Symbol: It’s a money symbol

Terms and conditions

When the user reaches the payment step, they will be directed to the Terms and Conditions page. Please enter the slug for this page below.

Example: https://demo.listarapp.com/term-of-use/