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Dashboard → Appearance Widgets

Select widget area [Listar] Blog Sidebar Select widgets for insert

Widget settings

Search Box

Search form

[Listar] Blog Sidebar Add widget Search

Widget Search Form Settings


Blog Categories

[Listar] Blog Sidebar Add widget [Listar] Post Category Menu

Add Category Widget
Blog Category Settings
  • Title: title of widget
  • Description: description of the widget
  • Display as dropdown: the left side menu will be display as dropbox
  • Show count: show a counter of blogs related to the category
  • Show only top level: show category with only the top category
  • Hide empty count: Not show category if there are no related blogs
  • Show hierarchy: show the top and include subcategories


Blog Archive

[Listar] Blog Sidebar Add widget Archive

Blog Archive Settings

Popular Tags

Blog Tags

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Recent Posts

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