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Source Structure

Listar FluxPro – Source Structure

Config Files

File locate: ./lib/configs/..

  • application.dark: main setting for app
  • config.dark: load app config for app
  • image.dark: all images use for the app
  • language.dark: all images use for the app
  • list.dark: config setting for directory listing data
  • preferences.dark: define key for storing dta
  • routes.dark: define router flow
  • theme.dark: define common FontFamily, FontWeight, Typography system
  • theme_collection.dark: theme schema for application


File locate: ./lib/widgets/..

It contains all UI widgets, including buttons, loading indicators, star ratings, items, cards, and messages.


It contains all Blocs patterns of the application


File locate: ./lib/screens/..

It contains all the screens of the application

All app template designs can be found in the ./lib/screens/.. folder. You can modify or restructure them to match your project’s design.


File locate: ./assets/..

This folder can be used to store various types of file resources, such as images or fonts.


File locate: ./lib/models/..

We have defined a data model class for each screen to load all data.


File locate: ./lib/utils/..

It contains various utility functions such as form validation, logging, theme switching, and color management. They appear to be helper functions.


File locate: ./lib/api/..

  • http_manager.dark: define API URL, timeout, post, get, exception code handler
  • api.dark: define constants Suffix API URL for each function